ESG Governance


EU law requires large companies to disclose certain information on the way they operate and manage social and environmental challenges

Expectation of Debt now sets the Rules

Environmental Data Quality and their Scientific Defensibility are key for Risk Management


The sustainability changes and challenges that the bio-agro and bio-breeding Industries will surely increase over the next few years (maximise the use of one another's by-products turning them into feedstock, energy supplements). Although still in the early stages of deployment, this initiative is already showing positive results for its participants to improve natural growth.

Well Being


There are about 60 trillion cells in our body that work optimally under homeostasis conditions (ph ≃ 7.4 i.e. -20mV): In this conditions our body heals and regenerates naturally providing it has all the necessary nutrients.

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Ease up the Evidence Management for Compliance Requirements!

Our 4.0 Technologies to be successful will Write one or two paragraphs describing your product or services.
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Find out how you can simplify information integration with our proxy server

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Digital Forms, Data Governance & Compliance 4.0

Our innovative platform that enables the digitization, conservation and intelligent analysis of what concerns registrations and audits (inspections, reports) for the guarantee of compliance on the move:

Digitally record any report and immediately increase the productivity of your company without compromising the Compliance!

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Sensing & IOT 4.0

Everything that is most relevant to you, managed and ordered in a single hub. We have built a modular and flexible platform, which can adapt to your needs, giving you the possibility to manage measurement systems and equipment and have virtually everything under your control.

With our systems, manually opening maintenance work on integrated equipment is a thing of the past!

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Data Verification and Validation

Laboratory Analysis: our experience at your disposal for the execution of Verification and Validation of Laboratory Field Data (EN 689, Legal Test, US EPA) in any field concerning chemical and microbiological analysis.

Minimize the risk associated with making decisions that are NOT Scientifically Defensible to have NON-representative data in your databases and open the door to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis.

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